• Home PC repair (In house or on site) Now Offering Remote Support

Give us a call!  Our technicians can repair even the most troublesome computer problems and get you going back up and running quickly.

  • Computer Sales:

Need a new PC? Our Professional staff is up to date on the latest equipment from leading manufactures.

  • Home and Business Network design / Implementation:

Whether you need help planning and implementing a new network infrastructure or just need help maintaining / updating an existing network; our staff is trained to help get the job done.

  • Long Range WIFI Solutions:

Our technicians can help extend your WIFI network or just take care of those pesky dead spot throughout your residence or business.

  • Virus Removal:

From viruses to malware we can diagnose and remove even the most stubborn infections for you.  Our technicians will then make sure your system is up to date and install any necessary security patches to ensure the best protection possible.  

What are you getting with a virus removal?  We run very intensive scans to find and remove the infections.  Next, we clean all temporary files, not just internet temporary files, as many infections will hide there.  We correct any registry errors that may be present.  We then clean and optimize the startup so that your computer can operate to its full potential and so that unnecessary resources won’t be used.  We clean up any junk programs to prevent any possible infections in the future.  Making sure that you have a current antivirus and antimalware protection is then our next priority.  We will also go through your internet browser settings, making sure they are in a secure state to help reduce future infection. Finally, we update various programs that can be exploited by hackers if not up to date, and we make sure to install any windows updates and security patches that may be available for your computer.  We are very thorough and we always stand behind our work!             

  • Data Recovery / Online Backup:

Have a computer that no longer boots?  Your data could be at risk if the cause is a bad hard drive.  Our specialists can often get your data back even after it seems all hope is lost.  We can also help retrieve your photos from your corrupt or damaged camera cards and other storage media.

In this day and age, much of our information is kept on electronic devices, but what do you do when all of your information is being held hostage by faulty equipment?  Here at George & Bob’s computer service, our technicians are skilled at getting your data back.  We have equipment capable of recovering hard drives from desktop and laptop computers.  

George & Bob’s Computer Service also offers Carbonite, an online backup solution that backups the data you can't live without.  We have packages available to suit a multitude of different users, whether you're backing up your personal computer or you're business workstation / server, we have you covered. With Carbonite, whatever information is on your hard drive will be safely and securely stored offsite.  With the security measures Carbonite has in place, you can rest assure that your information is secure from unwanted eyes.            

  • Cell Phone Amplifier Systems:​

 If you have poor cell phone reception in your home or business, let George & Bob’s Computer Service help you out.  We can set up amplifiers and antennas to ensure that you are getting the best coverage possible.